HUB at York Literature Festival
HUB is coming to York Literature Festival for March 2017!

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HUB News:

  • York Stanza with The Poetry Society March 23, 2017

    Monday 27th March 7:30-8:30 pm

    York Culture Award winner Carole Bromley and The Poetry Society’s York Stanza members will give short readings from new and published work.

    In addition to Carole, the readers will include Will Kemp, Tom Weir, Helen Cadbury, Patrick Lodge, Katherine Crocker, Andy Humphrey, Stuart Pickford, Phil Connolly, Nick Boreham and Chris Bridge.

    Between them, these poets have won first prizes and commendations in an amazing array of poetry competitions including the Bridport, the National Poetry Competition, the Keats-Shelley Prize, the Bronte Prize, the Hippocrates Prize, the Yorkshire Open, the Poetry on the Lake Competition, the Cinnamon Press Competition, the Templar pamphlet competition, the Torbay Poetry competition and more.

    No need to book, just come along! Pay what you can, all contributions welcome!


  • Thinking of You Always: RAF Letters Home with Pauline Kirk March 22, 2017

    Tuesday 28th March 3:00-5:00 pm

    Writing Family History? Join Pauline Kirk for an insight into how she traced, transcribed and then edited the letters her uncle, Corporal Lewis Hill, sent back to his wife during World War Two. Written throughout five years of separation, they give a remarkable insight into the lives of servicemen and women on and off base. ‘Lew’ served with a balloon squadron in England, travelled to the Middle East on the Queen Mary, and served in Kenya and Egypt. He used his leave periods to travel widely, often hitchhiking. After each trip, he sent mementoes and long descriptive letters back home. Throughout, he never stopped loving – and missing – his wife.

    Some of the archive material he sent will be on the show, as well as his letters.


  • Starting Small, Growing Tall: The Value of Small Presses March 21, 2017

    Wednesday 22nd March 2:00-4:00 p.m.

    Join a friendly, relaxed workshop discussing how small presses help nurture local writers. Editors Pauline Kirk and Rose Drew will give advice on obtaining publication outside the mainly London-based publishing industry. They will discuss why they regard publishing as a shared venture, and why editors of small presses give so much of their time, usually for little or no payment. There will be readings from North and West Yorkshire writers, all of whom have gone on to establish literary careers after being published by York-based small presses, Fighting Cock Press and Stairwell Books.


  • Waiting at the Temporary Traffic Lights with Graham Lee March 19, 2017

    Monday 20th March 7:00-8:00 pm

    “I’m waiting at the front of a queue, at a set of some temporary traffic lights. The lights are stationed on a corner, I can’t see the other set – after an initial flurry, no cars are coming through. I wait but still no cars. Are the lights stuck on red? The rest of the queue are looking at me for what to do next.”

    As shown above, this intriguing event is a storytelling show that discusses hospital wards, playing at a temporary traffic light.


  • A Good Year for the Roses plus Awkward Conversations with Angie Millard and Laurence O’Reilly March 14, 2017

    Laurence O'Reilly
    Friday 17th March 7:30-9:00pm

    A testing and emotional event discussing fragile relationships, loneliness and social anxiety, explored in a play.






  • Legends & Fairytales with Mary Callan March 13, 2017

    Wednesday 22 March, 4:30-5:30 pm

    BERCERUS the BLIND DOG, is a new story, grafted into classic Greek legends, with the premise that in different circumstances, a disability may be the life-saving talent that is needed. Inspiration was planted while Mary Callan was supporting drama groups for blind adults. The blind puppy, Bercerus, becomes Perseus’ companion in his quest to kill the gorgon, Medusa. The sight of Medusa would turn the viewer to stone. When Perseus stumbles, the blind puppy is the defender he needs. Mary uses sound effects and appeals to all the senses, drawing audiences into this tense tale in a spell-binding performance. Suitable for all ages, 3-93.

  • Scop With Helen Shay March 8, 2017

    Tuesday 21st March 7:00- 7:20 pm

    Come join us for a reading from Helen Shay’s new collection Scop (Old English for ‘Poet’), which will be delivered by local actors who have linked with York Settlement Players a thriving and highly regarded community theatre group, producing both modern and classical plays in theatre venues across York. Including such names as Beryl Nairn, Mick Liversidge, Angie Shaw. This event will connect traditions and bring poetic drama to life!


  • A Pattern of Words with the Bootham Writers March 3, 2017

    Friday 24th March 2:00-4:00 pm

    Come join us for an afternoon in which eight writers from the talented Bootham Writers‘ Group present an assortment of prose, poetry and memoirs from their recently published anthology ‘A Pattern of Words’. Contributors include:

    • Graham Clift
    • Martin Conway
    • Susan Elliot
    • Paul Elmhirst
    • Margaret Evans
    • Sharon Hobman
    • Patrick Kelly
    • Sharon Stinson


  • Walking the Waves with Susan Elliot February 28, 2017

    Friday 24th March 4:00-5:00 pm

    Presenting this short first collection of simple yet creative poems, which trace a journey through grief, aimed at comforting those who are bereaved. Written over a decade, these poems seek to illustrate the catharsis of poetic expression, the support of music, friendship, love, and the lessons to be found in nature. Any profits raised from the event will be donated to the York and North Yorkshire Area of Cruse Bereavement Care.


  • Pen to Paper with Lizzi Linklater February 22, 2017

    Lizzie Linklater
    Monday 27th March at 8:30-10:00 pm

    Pen to Paper, a monthly local writers’ group, was set up in 2007 by Lizzi Linklater (then a freelance writer/writing tutor and now Creative Writing Fellow at The University of York). Every second Tuesday of the month a literary theme is explored and applied in practice before the group goes on to a critiquing session where ongoing work is offered helpful comment.

    Fun, serious, warm and supportive, if you seek other writers this may well be the group you’ve been looking for…

    At this year’s YLF HUB event Lizzi will whisk you through dramatic, poetic and fictional fabulousness in a shimmering Pen to Paper showcase bringing you dazzling, erudite entertainment, be prepared for an exciting evening.

    If you have any questions about the event or for Lizzi, then don’t hesitate to contact her here: moc.l1501093711iamg@1501093711retal1501093711knili1501093711zzil1501093711

    You can also find out more about Lizzi and her work here:


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